Chinook's Edge School Division

Homeroom: 8-3

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since November 18, 2016.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 7Apr 13Grade 9 Options Sheets DueEnglish Language ArtsReist, Meaghan0
Apr 7Apr 10Aztec Chapter 7 QuizSocial StudiesReist, Meaghan0
Apr 3Apr 12Science G.O. 3 - Body Systems QuizScienceReist, Meaghan0
Jan 18Feb 1Indy Math - N6 SummativeMathematicsReist, Meaghan0
Jan 18Feb 1Indy Math - N6 SummativeMathematicsReist, Meaghan0
Jan 18Jan 30Mix and flow unit finalScienceReist, Meaghan0
Jan 16Jan 18Pressure and Density worksheetsScienceReist, Meaghan0
Jan 9Jan 19Mix and Flow - Topic 3 QuizScienceReist, Meaghan0
Jan 9Mar 14Renaissance Fair DaySocial StudiesReist, Meaghan0
Dec 15Dec 19Science Mix and Flow Topic 2 QuizScienceReist, Meaghan0
Dec 12Dec 22S.S. Unit FinalSocial StudiesReist, Meaghan0
Dec 12Dec 15S.S. Chapter 15 QuizSocial StudiesReist, Meaghan0
Dec 7Feb 1Poet in my PocketEnglish Language ArtsReist, Meaghan1
Nov 24Dec 6K&E Equations - Unit TestMathematicsReist, Meaghan0
Nov 14Nov 22Editorial Cartoon - Chapter 14 lapbook assignmentSocial StudiesReist, Meaghan2
Nov 14Nov 29Chapter 1 Review BookletSocial StudiesReist, Meaghan1
Sep 6Jun 19Accelerated Reader PointsEnglish Language ArtsPederson, Chelsea0