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Homeroom: 7-3

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 7Mar 14Chapter 7 Test - Weds. March 14Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 1Mar 8Integers Test - Thurs. March 8MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Feb 28Mar 7Heat & Temperature Topics 1-3 Test - Weds. Mar. 7ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Feb 15Feb 27Integers Quiz - Tues. Feb. 27MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Feb 14Feb 28"The Cay" Final Assessment - due Weds. Feb. 28English Language ArtsBurk, Kindra0
Feb 1Feb 15Social Midterm - Thurs. Feb. 15Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 25Feb 1Chapter 6 Test - Thurs. Feb. 1Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 24Feb 7Math Midterm - Weds. Feb. 7MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 19Jan 26Measurement Test - Fri. Jan. 26MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 10Jan 17Chapter 5 Test - Weds. Jan. 17Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 8Jan 12Measurement Quiz - Fri. Jan. 12MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 8Jan 24Science Midterm - Weds. Jan. 24ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Dec 20Jan 12Measurement Quiz - Fri. Jan. 12MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Dec 13Dec 20Science Topics 8-10 Test - Weds. Dec. 20ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Dec 7Dec 15Percent Test - Fri. Dec. 15 MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Dec 6Dec 13Current Events Tree - due Weds. Dec. 13Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Nov 30Dec 5Percent Quiz - Tues. Dec. 5MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 29Dec 6Chapter 4 Test - Weds. Dec. 6Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Nov 23Nov 28Decimals Test - Tues. Nov. 28MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 22Nov 29Planet Earth Topics 4-7 Test - Weds. Nov. 29ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Nov 15Nov 22Decimals Poster ProjectMathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 9Nov 16Planet Earth Topics 1-3 Test - Thurs. Nov. 16ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Nov 2Nov 8Current Events Assignment - due Weds. Nov. 8Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Nov 2Nov 8Decimals Quiz - Weds. Nov. 8MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 26Nov 2Chapter 3 Test - Thurs. Nov. 2Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Oct 23Oct 26Fractions Test - Thurs. Oct. 26MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 18Oct 25Interactions & Ecosystems Topics 6-7 Test - Weds. Oct. 25ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Oct 12Oct 18Skellig Reading Reflection Project due Weds. Oct. 18English Language ArtsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 5Oct 13Fractions Quiz - Fri. Oct. 13MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 5Oct 12Chapter 2 Test - Thurs. Oct. 12Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Sep 27Oct 4Interactions & Ecosystems Topics 4-5 Test - Weds. Oct. 4ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Sep 21Sep 28Current Events Tree - due Thurs. Sept. 28Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Sep 21Sep 26Number Relationships Test - Tues. Sept. 26MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Sep 14Sep 19Divisibility Rules Quiz - Tues. Sept. 19MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Sep 14Sep 21Interactions & Ecosystems Topics 1-3 Test - Thurs. Sept. 21ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Sep 8Sep 12Please create your academy wish list schedule using the documents on the school website. Grade 7 academy sign-up day is Sept. 13.Health/AdvisoryBurk, Kindra0
Sep 7Sep 14Chapter 1 Test - Thurs. Sept. 14Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 30Apr 3Statistics Quiz - Mon. April 3MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Mar 29Apr 5Heat & Temperature Topics 7-8 Test - Weds. April 5ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Mar 23Mar 28Geometry Test - Tues. March 28MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Mar 22Mar 29Chapter 8 Test - Weds. March 29Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 15Mar 22Heat & Temperature Topics 4-6 Test - Weds. March 22ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Jan 8Jan 24Science Midterm - Weds. Jan. 24ScienceBurk, Kindra0