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Homeroom: 7-4

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Nov 6Nov 13Fractions: Adding with unlike denominator (2 workbook pages)MathematicsDewling, Heather0
Nov 6Nov 15Science Topics 6 & 7 testScienceDewling, Heather0
Nov 5Nov 12Chapter 3 Test Early European ColoniesSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 31Nov 5Chapter 3 NotesSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 18Oct 25Science TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Oct 16Oct 23Decimal Arithmetic Test MathematicsDewling, Heather0
Oct 10Oct 15Parent / Student / Teacher Interview FormsHomeroomGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 15Chapter 2 testSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 15Stamp ProjectSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 12The Tell Tale Heart AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 28Oct 10Current Events Booklet Issue 1Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 28Oct 3Chapter 2 Questions #1-10Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 26Oct 23Animal ProjectScienceDewling, Heather0
Sep 12Sep 24Meet Three of Canada's First Nations (Chpt.1 work)Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 10Oct 31Book from book list readEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
May 9Jun 20Final Social ExamSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
May 9Jun 25Final L.A. ExamEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
May 9May 25Confederation Test & Medallions DueSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
May 2May 23Confederation BookletsSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Apr 30May 16Heroes EssayEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Apr 25May 2The Great Migration & The Push for Democracy TestSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Apr 25Apr 30Social Homework for Monday!Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Apr 23Apr 30Brainstorm & notes outline for Heroes EssayEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Apr 23Apr 30Brainstorm & notes outline for Heroes EssayEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Mar 29Apr 5Heat and Temperature Topics 4 - 6 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Mar 14Mar 19Coexistence Challenges PosterSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Mar 12Mar 19Chapter 6 Upper & Lower Canada Booklet Part 1 DueSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Mar 8Mar 13Math Antics sheets - Algebra with Addition and Subtraction PageMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Mar 8Mar 15Heat and Temperature Topics 1 - 3 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Mar 2Mar 21Current Events Booklet Issue #5Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Feb 1Feb 13Science Midterm ScienceDewling, Heather0
Jan 29Feb 7Chapter 5 Test Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 29Feb 14Social Mid TermSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 24Jan 29Current Events BookletSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 24Jan 29Spelling CorrectionsEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 22Jan 29Art Zine AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 10Jan 12Spelling List #1-15 TestEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 9Jan 16Math Test - PercentagesMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Jan 8Jan 122 Articles from Current Events BookletEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 8Jan 12Chapters 1-4 Review BookletSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 8Mar 2Term 2 Book ProjectEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Dec 14Dec 19Planet Earth: Topics 1 - 3 testScienceDewling, Heather0
Dec 11Jan 12Apocalypse StoriesEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Dec 6Dec 18The Fur Trade bookletSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Dec 6Dec 20Chapter 4 TestSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0