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Homeroom: 6-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Nov 6Nov 14Math Unit Test - Patterns and EquationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 6Nov 15Science Quiz - Wednesday, November 15HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 31Nov 7Social Studies TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 25Oct 30French Quiz - Numbers HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 25Oct 26Dress Ups Paragraph (if you did not finish during class today)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 23Oct 25Integers QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 17Oct 20Science Quiz - Dendrochronology and The Human Impact on our Forests.HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0