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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 29Apr 5Heat and Temperature Topics 4 - 6 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Mar 8Mar 13Math Antics sheets - Algebra with Addition and Subtraction PageMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Mar 8Mar 15Heat and Temperature Topics 1 - 3 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Feb 1Feb 13Science Midterm ScienceDewling, Heather0
Jan 9Jan 16Math Test - PercentagesMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Dec 14Dec 19Planet Earth: Topics 1 - 3 testScienceDewling, Heather0
Nov 23Nov 28Science Test - Topics 7 & 8ScienceDewling, Heather0
Nov 23Nov 28Math Test - DecimalsMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Oct 31Nov 3Science Test - Topic 4 & 5ScienceDewling, Heather0
Oct 19Oct 31Adding and Subtracting Fractions TestMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Sep 14Nov 7Animal ProjectScienceDewling, Heather0