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Homeroom: Grade 9

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Dec 12Dec 21Christmas RemindersHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 11Dec 21Math - Patterns and Equations testHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 11Dec 20S.S. test - provincial governmentHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 11Dec 17Science Quiz - Atmosphere, the sun, the Earth's motionsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 14Nov 21Science - Sky Science - Quiz 1HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 14Nov 21Math - Integers QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 12Nov 14Math - Order of Operations QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 7Nov 22Social Studies TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 30Nov 5Science Quiz - dendrodiscs HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 25Nov 1Social Studies Map of Canada QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 22Oct 29Math TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 17Oct 22Science Quiz - Tree ClassificationHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 3Oct 15Social Studies TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 2Oct 9Science Quiz -HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 2Oct 9Science Quiz -HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 26Oct 30Math Quiz - Divisibility RulesHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 10Sep 17Science Quiz - Importance of Trees and ForestsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 7May 11Science Quiz - parts of an airplane, control surfaces and aircraft/spacecraftHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 3May 15Iroquois Unit TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 9Apr 12Math Test - TransformationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 4Apr 9Science Quiz - drag, streamlining, parachutes, hot air balloonsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 26Mar 29Science Quiz - birds, forces of flight, propulsionHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 12Mar 26Social Studies Test - Ancient AthensHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 7Mar 15Math Test - Data and ProbabilityHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 6Mar 12S.S. ParagraphsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 6Mar 12Science Quiz - Bernoulli's PrincipleHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 13Feb 16science Quiz - Properties of air, scientific procedureHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 6Feb 8Math test - Geometry and MeasurementHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 19Jan 24Science Quiz - Sky Science - Jan. 24HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 18Jan 22Math test - anglesHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 15Jan 23Social Studies Test - Provincial Government - Jan. 23HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 8Jan 11Math test - Decimals, Fractions, Percent, RatioHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0