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Science Quiz Thursday

Date Nov 21 - Nov 24
Teacher Stacey Templeton

Use the study guide that I gave you to prepare for your first Sky Scienc test.  This is a copy of the study guide:


Sky Science Quiz 1 Study Guide

  1. Study Nicholas Copernicus (Who was he?  Where was he from? What was his important discovery?  When did he discover this?)
  2. Study Sputnik
  3. You need to know the two measurements that astronomers use for distances in space and what each is used to measure.
  4. Constellations:  What are they?  Who named most of them?  What are two other names for the North Star?  What are two constellations that can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere?  What is an asterism?  What does circumpolar mean?  What is one constellation that is circumpolar?