About Us


École Deer Meadow School has Grades 5 through 8 and is located in the southwest corner of Olds. We are an island in a residential development. The school was built in 1992 and it serves the needs of approx. 460 students in the middle grades, five through eight, who live in the town of Olds and the surrounding rural area. Approximately 40% of the students are bussed to school while 60% are urban students.The Olds community is noted for its farming, ranching, light industry, oil and gas exploration, refining, and Olds College.

Middle school philosophy and practice are the guiding force behind what we do. The teaching and support staff are child-centred professionals who have a strong interest in examining and implementing middle school philosophy and practice. Teachers bring a variety of educational backgrounds to the school, teach a variety of subjects and contribute significantly outside the classroom to provide a multitude of opportunities for students to feel they “belong” to their school. The common denominator for all staff is their commitment to middle years students and their education.

In addition to a strong academic program, students have access to staff and community volunteer directed extracurricular activities, events, clubs, projects and fundraising opportunities to develop their “awareness of self and their obligation to the global community”.


Encourage, engage, inspire!


By building meaningful relationships, Deer Meadow will cultivate a spirit of excellence. Collaboratively we will engage each student in all aspects of learning.


École Deer Meadow School will be recognized in our community for upholding high standards, establishing a culture of integrity and personalizing learning in order to develop compassionate, responsible citizens.

Principal's Message

Hello and Bonjour ÉDMS Parents and Guardians! Welcome and bienvenue to “The Meadow"!

My name is Meaghan Reist and I am so honoured to be your Acting Principal for the 2021/2022 school year.  If I am honest, entering this role is what I now reference as an unexpected blessing.  I did not expect to change roles from your Vice-Principal to Acting Principal so quickly, but as the opportunity has now presented itself, I have decided to embrace all aspects of this new role and privilege it presents to serve my Olds community

École Deer Meadow School has an enviable reputation in Olds and surrounding area as a middle school with high expectations and many opportunities for student growth. I now sit in an office previously occupied by amazing principals who were highly committed to the middle school philosophy, and I am committed to carry on with established traditions rooted in caring about our school and all people, big and small, who call it home.

This building is still fondly considered “the school that Dot built”, and is commemorated as such with our favorite “Dot Spot” outside the east facing doors. Dot Negropontes was Deer Meadow’s first principal and an educator and visionary like none other. We lost Dot a few years ago, but we have not lost her vision for this school. We remain highly dedicated to the education of middle level students, stuck right between the innocence of childhood and full blown adulthood.  During their years with us, adolescents begin their journey to social awareness while trying to figure out the person they see in the mirror. We feed them curriculum, yes; but make no mistake, we feed their souls and their hearts here too. Our middle school philosophy focuses on educating “the whole child”, and our goal is to help them understand who they are, what they are capable of, and nurture their vision of who they one day desire to be.

We have been very intentional about the adults we put in front of our students. They are experts with curriculum content and masters at making good connections with your kids.  When you entrust your children to us, please know we make all decisions with the best intentions regarding their whole education. We enjoy being your partners in raising children, and if we are committed to working together, our team will not fail.  

Thank-you for trusting us with your most precious people, we are privileged to have them and know them.