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Photo of Allan Whitehead

Allan Whitehead


Phone: 403-556-1003


Photo of Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson

Vice Principal

Phone: 403-556-1003

Administration Support

Photo of Kristine Billings

Kristine Billings

Phone: 403-556-1003

Photo of Charlene Kardos

Charlene Kardos

Phone: 403-556-1003

Photo of Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman

Phone: 403-556-1003


Photo of Janette Charlton

Janette Charlton

Family School Wellness

Photo of Angie Durant

Angie Durant


Photo of Allan Bouliane

Allan Bouliane

Homeroom 6.2

Photo of Kindra Burk

Kindra Burk

Homeroom 7.3

Photo of Tanya Clattenburg

Tanya Clattenburg

Phys Ed

Photo of Kris Dixon

Kris Dixon

Homeroom 5.3

Photo of Sandi Hoppins

Sandi Hoppins

Homeroom 8.1

Photo of Melissa Kemp

Melissa Kemp

Homeroom 8.3

Photo of Raj Lourdessamy

Raj Lourdessamy

Homeroom 7.5 / 8.5

Photo of Cameron Lund

Cameron Lund

Homeroom 7.5 / 8.5

Photo of Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall

Homeroom 6.4

Photo of Dawnna Morgan

Dawnna Morgan

Homeroom 6.1

Photo of Ginette Shamvu

Ginette Shamvu

Homeroom 5.5 / 6.5

Photo of Jeffry Smyth

Jeffry Smyth

Homeroom 5.1

Photo of Stacey Templeton

Stacey Templeton

Homeroom 6.2

Photo of Emma Turville

Emma Turville

Homeroom 7.1

Photo of Lyneah Ulry

Lyneah Ulry

Homeroom 7.2

Photo of Melissa Vasseur

Melissa Vasseur

Homeroom 8.2

Photo of Wendy Vockeroth

Wendy Vockeroth

Homeroom 5.2

Photo of Cali Wright

Cali Wright


Photo of Cydney Winter

Cydney Winter

Homeroom 7.4

Phone: 403-556-1003

Educational Assistants

Photo of Petria Erick

Petria Erick

Photo of Charlene Kardos

Charlene Kardos

Photo of Karen Kirkeby

Karen Kirkeby

Photo of Kim Miko

Kim Miko

Photo of Jennifer Rabchak

Jennifer Rabchak

Photo of Arlene Rautiainen

Arlene Rautiainen

Photo of Elaine Shultz

Elaine Shultz

Literacy Support

Photo of Gina Trombley

Gina Trombley

LAN Tech

Photo of Michelle Guhl

Michelle Guhl

Y.E.S. Team

Photo of Kendra Weisbrodt

Kendra Weisbrodt


Photo of Dave Faucher

Dave Faucher

Photo of Larissa McAdam

Larissa McAdam

Photo of Debbie Cordell

Debbie Cordell

Photo of Brent Collett

Brent Collett

Our Trustee

Photo of Kathy Kemmere

Kathy Kemmere

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