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French Immersion Trip 2024

We are excited to announce that the French Immersion grade 7 and 8 students from École Deer Meadow School will be traveling to Quebec in April 2024. Our trip will be taking place in partnership with Education First Tours, who has over 50 years experience with organizing school trips.
Our students will be participating in the Bonjour Quebec trip which includes a 6 day trip between Montreal and Quebec City. The students will be sightseeing, participating in activities and visiting historical sites all while using their French language in authentic ways.

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To join the trip, please visit using the code 2637776PP

École Deer Meadow is a dual track school, offering a regular English program and a French Immersion program from grades 5 through 8. In French Immersion, French is not only a subject, but a language of instruction and a means of communication. In our program, more than 50% of the regular school curriculum is taught in French. Students in French Immersion also receive instruction in English Language Arts. Our program provides an optimal learning environment for all children to successfully learn the French Language, while enhancing the skills in their first language. Here are six frequently asked questions regarding our French Immersion program:

How much French Instruction do students receive? Our French Immersion students at grade 5 and 6 do approximately 70% of their instruction in French. At grade 7 and 8 that percentage drops when students are in Academy classes.

What if I don't know French? Parents do not have to know any French. French Immersion is designed to instruct students without any French background.

How can I support my child? Teachers understand that most parents will not be able to communicate with their children in French at home, but anticipate that they will attempt to support their child’s learning of French after school hours. This may include making available: French dictionaries, atlases, books, magazines, games, songs or videos. French phone and computer applications or even French camps or programs in the summer time are also worthwhile investments for enhancing and augmenting learning.

Teacher-parent contacts are communicated in English as are student report cards.      

What about English?  The program outcomes are different. There is more emphasis on oral communication in French Immersion, however many of the reading and writing outcomes are similar.

Is French a popular language to learn? Yes! More than 30,000 Alberta students take French Immersion. More than 300,000 students are enrolled nation-wide. Approximately 200,000 Albertans can carry on a conversation in both French and English.  In addition, Canada is considered a world leader in second language education.

Where can I find additional information? École Deer Meadow School and the Olds Chapter of Canadian Parents for French (CPF) are ready and willing to offer additional information and support:


  • Marie-Astrid Detharet

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