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Jeffry Smyth

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Homeroom 5.1

Key Roles

Grade 5 Teacher 

I am an enthusiastic teacher who loves my job; I get to build relationships with teachers, parents and most importantly students. I get to spend almost every day with kids and get to see their strengths and their weaknesses. We work together as a team to challenge each other. One of my greatest assets as a teacher is to have and build relationships with everyone around me. I want to make sure my students know that I care about them. 

My Wife, Erin, and I have two kids who take up most of our free time as they love to be outside playing. Over the summer, we took the kids to Toronto to see a few of the sights that Ontario has to offer.  They absolutely adored the trip and the look on both of their faces when they saw Niagra Falls was priceless. My daughter was a bit of a dare devil as she laid down on the glass floor at the CN Tower; I had spaghetti legs, she must get her courage from her mom. 

I am ecstatic to be teaching here at Ecole Deer Meadow School and look forward to building new relationships with colleagues, parents and students.  

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